NT Motor Accidents Compensation Commission

Who is Not Covered?

Because MAC is funded through motor vehicle registration, some people are not covered by the scheme. 

The driver/rider and owner of an unregistered vehicle is not covered regardless of whether the vehicle is being driven on a road, on public or private land. Their passengers and others involved in an accident are covered.

People who move to the Territory and do not change their registration to Northern Territory registration within three months risk losing all MAC benefits.

The driver/rider and owner of unregisterable vehicles such as dune buggies, motocross bikes, quad bikes and go-karts are not covered.

There is no MAC cover for driver/riders, passengers and others involved involved in motor sports, high speed tests or trials.

If you are injured in a motor vehicle accident during the course of your employment you are not covered by MAC but may be eligible for Workers Compensation.

You will not be covered where the driver was:

Responsible for the theft or unlawful use of a motor vehicle involved in the accident.

Using the vehicle in connection with the commission of an indictable offence.

Involved in the accident while escaping from the scene,  to avoid apprehension or escape detention for, an offence.

Using the motor vehicle involved with the intent to inflict death or injury on themselves or another.